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Freelance Photographer - Krakow, Poland

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The Translations and Content Agency at Booking.com is looking to expand their network of Freelance Photographers in Krakow, Poland to produce destination and property level photos for Booking.com’s website. Our website attracts millions of unique visitors each month from both the leisure and the business markets worldwide.

You will be required to provide us with a portfolio that includes at least one of the following: destination photo, travel photo and/or accommodation/room photo.The portfolio will be used to assess your photographic capabilities.

Please apply via this link: https://workingatbooking.com/vacancies/freelance-photographer-krakow-poland/.

B. Responsible

  • Delivering high quality, realistic and engaging destination and property level photography

  • Coordinating the successful implementation of photographic assignments

B. Skilled

  • Minimum of 6 month experience working as a photographer (hotel, cruise-ship, event, studio, architectural or interior photography)

  • Knowledge of photography production process

  • Extensive knowledge of retouching and digital photography

  • Please note that Booking.com will not provide you with the required photographic equipment

  • Able to apply received feedback

  • Reliable, independent, professional, detail and quality-oriented, with excellent communication skills

  • Proof of self-employment and/or all required tax documentation – precedence will be given to candidates who are available immediately and able to provide proof of self-employment and/or tax documentation within 48 hours

B. Offered

  • Compensation based on delivered photographic content. These rates will be communicated before the start of each project. Please note that Booking.com does not pay an hourly rate or compensate for travel

  • Prompt payment and self-billing invoicing

  • Potential long-term cooperation

  • Detailed feedback on the quality of your work

Please submit your resume and cover letter in English.

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